Our Process


We start our process by designing our baby, children's socks, and underwear. Our experienced design team is lovingly creating trendy, stylish, and functional original designs that will always meet the needs of our customers. Because Defne Baby always sells a design rather than a product.

Fast Fabric Sourcing

We prioritize quick fabric sourcing to ensure we consistently source high-quality material to manufacture our products. We manage the process quickly with our reliable fabric suppliers, who provide us with materials to make our baby and kids' socks and underwear.


Our experienced manufacturing team produces our products using state-of-the-art machinery and techniques. Integrating rapidly developing technology into our company is our most important investment. We are always committed to creating comfortable, safe, durable, high-quality products for children. In addition, as Defne Baby, we have started to do our best to make our production processes environmentally friendly.

Quality Control

We have a strict quality control process to ensure our products meet our high-quality standards. Our team examines each product and regularly checks it for defects or problems. We also do extensive testing to ensure our products are safe for children.

Improving Customer Experience

We are committed to improving the customer experience at every process stage. We listen to customer feedback and change our processes and products to meet their needs. We provide an excellent customer service experience by responding quickly and professionally to questions and concerns.

Business Development

We always look for ways to develop and grow our business. We stay current with industry trends and technology and invest in research and development to create new products and improve our existing products. We are also working to expand our client base and develop new partnerships. We always prioritize being accessible from anywhere by investing in the Digital World to reach more potential customers.

Packaging and Shipping

After our products go through our quality control process, we carefully pack them to ensure they reach our customers in the best condition. We also do our best to provide flexible shipping options to meet our customers' needs.

Our manufacturing company Defne Baby is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality baby and kids' socks and underwear quickly and efficiently. We always prioritize our customers' needs, and every day we look for ways to develop and grow our business with the same enthusiasm.

100% Cotton
6800m2 Production Area
4,500,000 Monthly Production